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Quantum Endeavors is...

a Business and Career Success coaching and consulting firm. The focus of Quantum Endeavors® Executive Coaching engagements and programs is to ignite and enable peak performance of executives, leaders and talent at all levels. Supporting talent to step up and into the “greatest versions” of themselves for significant leaps in influence, impact and results for them, their teams and their organizations is the art and heart of what we do.

Several features set Quantum Endeavors® Coaching and Programs apart:
1) Ignite, inspire and develop clients to the next “Greatest Version of Themselves”
2) Focus is strength-based versus “fixing” while directly addressing needs and derailers
3) Customized Quantum 360® interview-based feedback process for greater self-awareness
4) Highly certified Professional Coaches with significant and executive-level career success
5) Proven record of impact and success of Coaching and Leadership Development Programs
6) Quantum Endeavors Group offices and resources located across the USA and Canada
7) Certified Women-Owned Business to be counted in your diverse supplier spend

Quantum Endeavors engages only certified and credentialed coaches who have also enjoyed great success in their own business and careers.  "Those who have been where you want to go, are your best guides to get there!"  Our coaches can not only talk a good game, they have been in and excelled at the game.  

It addition to great coaches, are my trademarked signature coaching and business systems designed to deliver to the success points in business, corporate and for your best life and career.  More than 90 corporate coaching firms have selected and are licensed to use the Quantum Endeavors products for their delivery of executive, leader and business coaching. 

Since launching Quantum Endeavors, Inc in 2006, Ann has supported more than 1,000 executives, senior and emerging leaders with over 10,000 hours of one-on-one, group and team coaching in organizations that include: Chicago Cubs, General Electric, Alcoa International, Ingersol-Rand, Allstate Insurance, BP (British Petroleum), CDW, Amerigroup, Navistar, Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, Chamberlain College of Nursing, National Speakers Bureau, Avenue Inc, Players Choice and more  

"Ann has been a highly valued executive coach for the very most senior executives on our management team.  Ann is a great listener who always takes time to understand the critical issues.  She possesses a combination of real work experience and common sense that helps executives see issues from a fresh perspective.  Although she is honest, her input is framed in the positive and constructive. I would strongly recommend Ann to anyone looking for an executive coach.”
  Tom Ricketts
  CEO, Chicago Cubs

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Quantum Endeavors® is a Certified Women-Owned Business.