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New! Quantum MentorRings!
Circles of Leadership, Learning and Success… where women and wisdom meet…
Building Leaders • Building Careers • Building Success
Powerful, Convenient, Affordable, “Life and Career Changing!”

Launching in Chicagoland on June 8, 2018
Supporting you and your Talent needs to grow and build capability in areas linked to Career Success with content focused to specifically meet the needs of Women in Leadership Effectiveness, Executive Presence, Relational Effectiveness and Drive to Results. Blended Learning Delivery includes a combination of live events, highly interactive Virtual Events and leveraging the wisdom and expertise of the group. Programs objectives include:

Benefits For your Organization:
• Support the attraction, development, promotion and retention of key talent required for your Talent Pipeline and Your Success
• Enhance executive, leader & team building effectiveness by elevating individual capability in the key competencies for success and effectiveness as both “Acumen” and “Agility”.

Benefits For Participants:
• Personal & Professional Growth and Development
• Greater confidence, self-awareness and mastery as a leader
• Enhanced leadership, influence and executive presence
• Career and growth strategies to accelerate your success
• Opportunities to apply and practice what you learn in a safe and supportive space
• Opportunities to mastermind for greater success and results within the group
• Build powerful & strategic relationships within the MentorRings Alumni network and beyond
• Built-in Accountability for Action and Results

Offered In Partnership with The Mentor Group
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Quantum Influence: the Leap to Inspirational Leadership
Good leaders make a great difference.
Great leaders inspire others to make a great difference.

Your ability to lead through influence is key to your success. Are you ready to make the next LEAP in your leadership? Does your role or vision require you to master the art of Quantum Influence? Are you looking to elevate your ability to influence, inspire and engage others?

The Experience:
Three days and evenings full of content, assessments, exercises and experiences designed and led by Master Executive Coach, Ann Farrell, focused on elevating Quantum Influence including a very special half-day EQnimity “influence” experience with horses (from the ground) with Certified Equine Coach, Janis Cooper.
What can horses teach you about influence? Come & see!

Multiple Dates: One-Day Quantum Influence Event in Tampa, Florida - Register Now!
August, 2018 - Waitsfield, Vermont (Full 3-day Event) - Register Now!
The Invitation:
Join Ann Farrell, Master Executive Coach, as she leads this 3-day Retreat leveraging her trademarked executive development/coaching Quantum Influence tools and concepts.

Women In-powered Senior Executives (WISE) Women Leaping!
Your quantum endeavor is living your great life doing your great work. You build it through Leadership and one Leap at a time. Are you ready to take the next Big Leap in your leadership, life and career? Does your next LEAP require more from you, your leadership, your vision, your capacity or a higher perspective than you can see today? Join me as I lead you through a process designed to activate your fullest potential and step up and into your greatest version of you!

The Invitation:
Join Ann Farrell, Master Executive Coach, as she leads this 3-day Retreat leveraging her trademarked executive development/coaching tools and concepts to leverage the unique wisdom and support available in this small group of successful Senior Executives to support you to make your next big LEAP in your Leadership, your life and your career and be the difference you want to see in the world.

July, 2018 - Whitehall, MI- Register Now!
August, 2018 - Chicago, IL

Please contact me at to register or for more information regarding upcoming workshops and retreats.