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Celebrating over 11 Years of supporting coaches to build the 6-figure businesses they love
...with my Coaching for Corporate & Organizations Signature Framework!

Get all you need to Jump Start Your Executive, Leadership or Professional Coaching Business by starting out at the top, not the bottom, of the learning curve of what works! And unlike so many other “Done for You” programs, it all comes to you “unprotected” so you just open, edit and customize with your logo and voice and you are ready to go!!

Join Certified Master Executive Coach and Corporate Coaching expert, Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, MSCCC, as she shares everything she used to build her organizational coaching business from Zero to 6 Figures in less than 3 months and to mid-six figures in less than 3 years. All grounded in her success as a corporate executive in her 30-year career, her extensive coach training and 10 years of supporting her clients, client companies and coaches to create great success!

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Coaching for Corporate & Organizations Framework

The Coaching for Corporate (Organizations) Framework provides you with all you need to build your 6-figure business:
  • Over 80 documents, templates and tools to Jump Start your Professional Coaching Business.
  • Proven best practice approach to coaching for corporate and organizations, including Ann's trademarked coaching system for High-end 5-figure engagements!
  • Built on the foundation of CTI, Senn-Delaney and Stakeholder Centered Coaching, it bridges the gap between your coach training and what is needed to land, manage and deliver transformational coaching in organizations.
  • Three 120 minute Teleclass recordings (MP3)
  • License to use Ann's trademarked signature coaching and business system for your business and to support your client's to success!
The three Teleclasses and e-Packs will provide you with the following:

Managing the Business Engagement (Teleclass and e-Pack #1)
Includes all of the documents and templates you need to engage, contract and manage an organizational business engagement with corporations, not-for-profits, and service organizations. Included is the detail of my trademarked coaching engagement service bundles and pricing, Master Consulting Service Agreement, Statement of Work, tools to manage the need for communication with the coaching sponsors without compromising the must of “client confidentiality” and much, much more.

Managing the Coaching Engagement (Teleclass and e-Pack #2)
Provides you with all that you need to manage a professional coaching engagement from launch to completion. Includes welcome letters, intake document, an interview-based 360 feedback process, including sample client reports, individual development plan template, completion document and much, much more. You will also receive a best practice for getting the client's manager in a great place with the coaching itself.

Managing Your Business (Teleclass and e-Pack #3)
Focused on the launch and support of your business as it grows, with processes and tools to keep it simple, so you can spend your time working in your business -- not on it! Documents and templates include a one-page Coaching Framework that gives coaches the edge to land engagements time and time again, business plan template, schedules, invoice templates, subcontractor agreement with pricing and additional opportunities to grow your revenue through products and workshops.

Quantum 360® – A Closed-loop interview-based 360 Degree Feedback Process

Elevate your coaching and grow your business with everything you need to deliver a proven best-practice. Includes:
  • Process Overview & License to Use in your business,
  • 30 Documents & Templates
  • Output Documents and Permission to Re-brand as yours with your clients
  • Sample Feedback Reports
  • Sample Development Reports
  • Sample Summary Reports
  • Plus 90-minute Recorded Training Event

Coaching for Corporate & Organizations – Build Your Business Boot Camp for Coaches

Your Complete "How-to" build your business in this lucrative and rewarding niche!

Jump Start Your Corporate Coaching Business with this 8-part series focused on business building for executive, leader and professional coaching!

Join Corporate Coaching expert and Certified Master Executive Coach, Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC, MSCCC, as she shares how to build the business that you love in an 8-part boot camp program! By leveraging much of the content from her powerful 12-month Business Building program, Ann will let you in on how she built her corporate coaching business from Zero to Six Figures in less than 3 months, then to a half million in less than 3 years. Let her support you to find your most powerful path to build the business that you will love!

Learn the secret "hows" to landing business in this lucrative niche that works totally different than all of the others!
  • Introduction to her proprietary tools for coaching success in corporate and organizations to grow your Coaching Business.
  • Delivered in MP3 recordings of eight live sessions with pre- and post-materials.
  • Each session includes coaching and mentoring from one of the leading executive / leader coaches and corporate success experts at less than group coaching pricing!
Please contact Ann to discuss how these, plus additional products and programs, can support you in building your successful professional coaching business.

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