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Coaching Engagements

Build your talent today! 

In this day of talent wars and high competition, the best way to retain, attract and develop your talent is to invest in it.  Quantum Endeavors Coaching Engagements support your talent to step up and into their full potential with high quality coaching grounded in what really works to elevate performance, impact and success.   We have customizable engagement frameworks designed to deliver specifically to your needs and the needs of your organization. 

What sets Quantum Endeavors apart is that not only the quality of our coach approach, but also the quality of our coaches! Not only trained and certified, they have also come to coaching after having achieved much success in organizations like yours.  They not only know how to coach success, they know how to achieve it! 

Our coaches totally commit to the client's greatest success and support them with:
        *  Strategic Thinking and Decision Making Skills
        *  Strength-based Development and Growth
        *  Illuminating Blind Spots and addressing Needs.                             "Ann has challenged my way of thinking,
        *  Successful Career Management                                                      helped me identify and discover the kind
        *  Leadership Effectiveness and Presence                                          of person, mother and leader I want to be."
        *  Success in the First 90 Days of any assignment                                                                  Laura, Aurora, Il

A message from Ann Farrell, Founder & Founder and CEO, Quantum Endeavors, Inc.
"I created our executive coaching model and tools based on my 30-year corporate experience of what was most effective in helping me, my employees and my colleagues to be the best we could be.  I have tested this model with over 1,000 clients to date and the results have been truly amazing and transformationals!"