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TARGETED: Micro-Intensives Programs and Coaching

Supporting Executives and Leaders to higher levels of performance through customized Talent Development Solutions to meet specific needs of each person and provided in the way that serves them best! All “built by you” with a simple Three-Step process!

Maximum Impact - Optimize Time - Minimum Cost
3-month Group Programs
or One-on-One Coaching Engagements
Customized by You ... for Your Needs!

The Competency-focused Micro-Intensives
Group Programs include Peer support and connection through a monthly virtual group training and coaching event enabling the client and coach to use the workshop content and group coaching to target development in the Competency area selected for them. The addition of monthly a One-on-One Executive Coaching session is available in the Plus 1:1 Coaching option.

One-on-One Coaching Engagements
Coaching Engagements enable the client and coach to jump right into developmental Executive Coaching in the Competency area specified for them: Maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. You may choose one of the 12 content options or specify one of your own.

WHOLISTIC: Executive & Leadership Coaching Engagements

The focus of Quantum Endeavors® Executive Coaching engagements and programs is to ignite and enable peak performance of executives, leaders and talent at all levels. Supporting talent to step up and into the “greatest versions” of themselves for significant leaps in influence, impact and results for them, their teams and their organizations is the art and heart of what we do.

Several features set Quantum Endeavors® Coaching and Programs apart:
1) Ignite, inspire and develop clients to the next “Greatest Version of Themselves”
2) Focus is strength-based versus “fixing” while directly addressing needs and derailers
3) Customized Quantum 360® interview-based feedback process for greater self-awareness
4) Highly certified Professional Coaches with significant and executive-level career success
5) Proven record of impact and success of Coaching and Leadership Development Programs
6) Quantum Endeavors Group offices and resources located across the USA and Canada
7) Certified Women-Owned Business to be counted in your diverse supplier spend

Also Available...
Executive Onboarding Coaching Program
Supporting Executives and Leaders both new to the organization and new in role to onboard with positive momentum through a focus on the strategic and tactical keys to onboarding success. A 6-month Executive Coaching Engagement including the Quantum Start© Success in the First 90 Days with Premium Program Content

IMMERSIVES: Workshops, Retreats & Leadership Academy

Supporting Executives and Leaders to “go deep” and “go big” for quantum leaps in their Leadership, Lives and Careers through Workshops and Executive Leadership Retreats that offer extraordinary experiences and unique content.

Quantum Influence: the Leap to Inspirational Leadership
Good leaders make a great difference.
Great leaders inspire others to make a great difference.

Your ability to lead through influence is key to your success. Are you ready to make the next LEAP in your leadership? Does your role or vision require you to master the art of Quantum Influence? Are you looking to elevate your ability to influence, inspire and engage others?

The Experience:
Three days and evenings full of content, assessments, exercises and experiences designed and led by Master Executive Coach, Ann Farrell, focused on elevating Quantum Influence including a very special half-day EQnimity “influence” experience with horses (from the ground) with Certified Equine Coach, Janis Cooper.
What can horses teach you about influence? Come & see!

Women In-powered Senior Executives (WISE) Women Leaping!
Your quantum endeavor is living your great life doing your great work. You build it through Leadership and one Leap at a time. Are you ready to take the next Big Leap in your leadership, life and career? Does your next LEAP require more from you, your leadership, your vision, your capacity or a higher perspective than you can see today? Join me as I lead you through a process designed to activate your fullest potential and step up and into your greatest version of you!

The Invitation:
Join Ann Farrell, Master Executive Coach, as she leads this 3-day Retreat leveraging her trademarked executive development/coaching tools and concepts to leverage the unique wisdom and support available in this small group of successful Senior Executives to support you to make your next big LEAP in your Leadership, your life and your career and be the difference you want to see in the world.

Quantum Care© for Teams
A workshop designed to elevate both individual and team healthy high performance through focus and tools to optimize personal and team effectiveness. Specifically, Team members will be supported through Quantum Care concepts for greater team alignment, communication and performance starting with Great Care for Self, Great Care for Others and Great Care for Team. The highly interactive experience integrates the key concepts and tools into a rich teambuilding experience as well as equips the team members with what they need to enhance their performance ongoing.

Quantum Vision and Strategy Skills
A workshop designed to significantly increase your competence and confidence in creating your Vision for your organization, choosing the best practice framework to develop your Strategy and build an effective Implementation plan to bring your ision to life. You will leverage the best approaches from the biggest consulting firms to clearly define your best plan for strategic advantage based on your organization’s unique capabilities and culture.

Namastance®: Leaders building Leaders
“The great leader in me sees and honors the great leader in you”
Be a Great Leader who builds Great Leaders by gaining the tools and the skills that you need while you discover your own most effective leader stance and style. This workshop is focused on ensuring that you have the skills and tools you need to lead with credibility, proactively manage your Brand, create your most effective personal development plan, co-create the most effectively development plans with others and enhance your skills as Manager as Coach.

Executive Leadership Academy Programs Specialized year-long development programs to support you and your talent needs to grow and build capability in Leadership Effectiveness, Management Effectiveness, Personal Effectiveness and Best Practices; through an approach tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

Building Leaders • Building Teams • Building Success
Including: Executive LEADS Program, Quantum LEAPS Program, Quantum MentorRings Program for Women Executives
Powerful, Convenient, Affordable, “Life and Career Changing!”