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Executive and Leader Coaching

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Quantum Endeavors® Coaching Engagements support executives and leaders to step up and into their best through high quality coaching.  What sets our work apart is the quality of our coaches as well as our trademarked programs and products.  Our coaches are not only trained and certified coaches, but they have come to coaching after great success in their own corporate careers and businesses. 

We not only know how to coach success, we have achieved it!

Coaching is all about asking the powerful questions and assessing the gaps that lead to your career and life breakthroughs.  This is all the more powerful when you work with a coach who knows and understands what it takes to enjoy success in your world.   
Our coaches totally commit to the client's greatest success and support them with:

      *  Core Value Assessment and Alignment                        
      *  Strength-based Development and Growth                                    "Coaching with Ann has been the best experience
      *  Illuminating Blind spots; Addressing key needs                              of my life, truly life changing." 
      *  Career and Goal Charting and Managing                                                                          Patti, Atlanta, Ga
      *  Executive and Leadership Presence
      *  Leadership Development

A message from Ann Farrell, founder and CEO, Quantum Endeavors®
"I created our executive coaching model based on my 30-year corporate experience of what was most effective in helping me, my employees and my colleagues be the best that we could be.  I have supported more than 1,000 executive and leader clients to date and the results have been both truly amazing and transformational!"