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Leadership Development

"Great leaders are made, not born!"
Engage us to help you be the great leader you are meant to be!
Igniting Peak Performance through "Evolutionary" Leadership!

Our coaching engagements, products and workshops are designed to support the leader to the insights and skills to be great.  Our customized 360 degree feedback process is used to capture the perception of the leader's strengths and needs.  Strength-based development, the illuminating of blind spots and the addressing of needs are the core parts of the engagement - all focused on the leader stepping up and into their best.

Our coaches are committed to the leader's greatest success, and provide them with further support through coaching in: 

    *  Executive and Leadership Presence
    *  Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    *  Vision to Verve (Strategy creation and implementation)                 "People who are fortunate enough to have
    *  Results-based Execution                                                                 Ann Farrell as their coach will experience
    *  Team and Situation Assessment                                                     a powerful revelation about their own
    *  Effective Career Management                                                        strengths, possibilities and opportunities."
    *  And all things corporate!                                                                                                     Kally, President

A message from Ann Farrell, founder and CEO, Quantum Endeavors®
"It is so exciting to see a leader step up and into their best.  The impact for them and their organization is greater effectiveness and engagement, increased bottom-line results, employee retention and customer satisfaction.  And their "shadow" will impact many more."